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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Syrah (California)

Lagier Meredith Mount Veeder Napa Valley Syrah 2003 $50USD
Dense cherry red with red edge. Rich and ripe with sweet blackberry, smoky oak, and pepper. Soft entry with excellent carry of flavors onto the palate and the lengthy finish. Well balanced and excellently structured. A very appealing, refined Syrah. 2, 2, 4.3, 10.2, = 18.5/20, 93/100. 14.5% alcohol. Tasted January 2, 2006.

Lagier Meredith Mount Veeder Napa Valley Syrah 2002 $50USD
Dense cherry red with red edge. Sweet perfumed fruit and mint. Developed into rich chocolate and vanilla. Medium weight with excellent mouthfeel, firm tannins on the finish. The big characteristic of the wine is its bright acidity across the palate. At 24 hours a little dusty oak evident. The wine is a little disjointed at present. Definitely not in the style of an Aussie shiraz. 2, 2, 4.0, 9.8 = 17.8/20, 89/100, 14.7% alcohol. Tasted March 22-23, 2005.

Lagier Meredith Mount Veeder Napa Valley Syrah 2001 $50USD
Dense cherry red with red edge. Very aromatic with vanilla, blackberry and pepper. Developed a nutmeg note. Full bodied and very well balanced with good acidity and soft tannins that firm up on the finish. Excellent length to the finish. There is more richness across the palate than the 2002. At 24 hours the acidity became a little sharp, but not unpleasant. 2, 2, 4.1, 10.2 = 18.3/20, 92/100. 14.3% alcohol, Tasted March 27-28, 2005.

Carlisle Sonoma County Syrah 2002 $37.99USD
47% Dry Creek Valley Syrah, Ray Teldeschi Ranch, 27% Dry Creek Valley Syrah, Unti Vineyard, 20% Knights Valley Syrah, Pelkan Ranch, 6% Dry Creek Valley Syrah, Del Carlo Ranch.

Dense cherry red, almost purple, with red edge. Prominent sweet toasted oak overlying rich, ripe fruit. Not unattractive, but the fruit is not being allowed to show through here. Full bodied and very well balanced with an excellent retronasal and a lengthy finish supported by powdery tannins. The alcohol is evident, but not intrusive. At 24 hours the fruit flavors of blueberries begin to become apparent, but the toasted oak still predominates. 2, 2, 4.0, 10.2 = 18.2/20, 91/100, 15.9% alcohol. Tasted January 29-30, 2005.

Bridlewood Central Coast Syrah 2000 $12.99USD
Cherry red with red edge. Initially notes of barnyard, earth and ink, opening to attractive aromas of pepper, blueberry and sweet oak. Medium weight with an initial attack of acidity, the wine gives off some smoke and tar notes on retronasal. The tannins are soft but support the finish well. At 24 hours there were notes of vanilla and pepper and a persistent barnyard character and the tannins had become more drying. 2, 2, 3.9, 9.5 = 17.4/20, 87/100, 13.9% alcohol. Tasted February 5-6, 2005.


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