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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Australian Shiraz (Pre-2002)

AusVetia South Australian Shiraz 1999 $49.99USD
95% Shiraz, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon
Cherry red with faint orange-brown tinge. Complex aromas with cedar, ink and vanilla prominent. Medium weight and very well balanced with pleasing acidity. Soft and supple with excellent presence of flavors on the palate, and a lengthy finish. At 24 hours a mint character was present and the acidity a little more toward the finish. An extremely well made wine that needs another 5-10 years to reach its peak. 2, 2, 4.1, 10.2 = 18.3/20, 92/100. 14% alcohol. Bottle No. 2533. Tasted March 17-18, 2005.

Penfold’s Kalimna Bin 28 2001 $16.99USD
Dense cherry red with a pinkish red edge. Open with tarry, burnt notes and dusty oak. Not particularly attractive. Sharp acidity followed by firm tannins but has a richness across the palate. Quite unusual, seems to be very mixed up. Flavors do carry through on retronasal. 2, 2, 4.1, 9.6 =17.7/20 Tasted February 19, 2005.

Jim Barry The McRae Wood Shiraz 2001 $26.98USD
Dense cherry red with red edge. Slight ethyl acetate (VA?). Rich, jammy, with a big blackberry aroma. Full bodied with an excellent retronasal. A little lacking on the mid palate with acidity that pulls the mat out from under the wine at the finish. 2, 2, 4.2, 9.9 = 18.1/20 Tasted February 19, 2005.

Penfold's St Henri Shiraz 1992 $21.99USD
Light cherry red with faint orange edge. Initially faint caromel and kerosene! Developed into minty, resinous, licorice notes. Medium weight but not carrying completely across the palate. Otherwise structurally sound with a solid backbone of tannins and good acidity. Persistent finish. 2, 2, 3.4, 9.5 = 16.9/20, 13.5% alcohol. Tasted November 10, 2004.


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